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The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) ordered the shutdown of 58 disposal wells in the hotbed of seismic activity.Find the latest oil and gas jobs available with Energy Jobline.Read the breaking Energy coverage and top headlines on Forbes.com.March 20 (UPI) -- Under broader pressure from the so-called Brexit, crude oil prices moved lower early Monday on a hangover from higher U.S. exploration and production work.

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Pennsylvania: New report reveals that fracking has caused a large increase in earthquakes.Challenges in the oil industry could reveal new opportunities for Latin America and...While no deaths have been reported, the injections are a bit like waking a sleeping giant.

March 20 (UPI) -- The Spanish energy company Repsol has been asked about safety preparations following an offshore accident tied to transport, a Norwegian regulator said.Few said directly that the energy sector was contributing to the problem, according to Oklahoma state Rep.

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Opinion: Oil and Economics at a Geopolitical Crossroad By Nabegh Al Sabbagh.DESCRIPTION: Oil Industry News from the perspective of those that are in it.Science shows that earthquakes in Oklahoma are man-made and tied to fracking.Breaking Energy Energy industry news, analysis, and commentary.Here we present a dynamically updating list of the top oil and gas blogs and news sites that the oil and gas sector online has a to offer.We provide the latest offshore, subsea and drilling jobs with leading employers worldwide.

American Made: The New Manufacturing Landscape What Gets Made In LA Is Way More Than Movies.The petroleum industry includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines), and marketing of.However, scientists say the process of disposing its byproduct has been a bust for the environment, triggering underground tremors at unprecedented rates.Swan Energy looks for opportunities to educate it partners and post interesting news stories about the oil and gas industry.

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This is an opportunity to work with the worlds no.1 oil field service compan.Japanese town offering discount funerals for seniors who give up driving.

As a result, the frequency of earthquakes in Oklahoma has increased at remarkable rates over a short period of time.March 22 (UPI) -- German energy company Wintershall said it expects good returns this year and a steady course for oil prices supporting expansions for oil and gas production.

It was the second large-scale earthquake to hit Oklahoma in as many months.

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Provides information about oil change, lube, oil and air filters, convenient car care service and automotive news.Stakeholders are now scrambling to try and prevent the next earthquake before it happens.

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The New Mexico economy depends on a strong oil and natural gas industry.General Dynamics IT has an opening for a Senior GIS Computer Systems Analyst along the Gulf Coast in New.

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