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The Simple Strategy is a trend FOLLOWING strategy so the key is to use the strategy in a trending market.Simple Technical Trading Rules and the Stochastic. by reporting results from all our trading strategies, (2).With a little work on your part, you could trade something very similar to whats presented here.Had a 70% draw down in 2008 and 2009 through my own ignorance, even though subscribed to two other financial sites.

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I use MACD myself for timing entry and exit points for trades - I also use Stochastics, RSI, and Keltner channels rather than Bollinger bands.The Simplest Forex Trading Strategy in. as well as my other trading strategies,.Do you only take action when you have the market moving in your direction on the 1,5 and 15 minute charts or how do you go about it.

Can someone share what these settings need to be to get the moving averages as suggested.

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Our goal is to accommodate different market conditions by using stop losses and profit targets that adjust to the ranges of the market we are trading.An uptrend is present if MACD is above its signal line AND above the zero line.

A set of effective Forex trading strategies for. all the popular and simple forex trading strategies. trading actually works in a market with.We will discuss a Forex Trading Strategy that is simple and basic yet works very well.

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With stop orders at the value of the Bollinger Band we will ONLY be triggered if price pushes through the Bollinger Band.The Simple Strategy is an easy strategy to understand and execute.

Long entry with a buy stop order at the value of the upper Bollinger Band, if the market is in an uptrend based on MACD.Following are examples of close-to-close and open-to-close betting using either BSP or BOP strategies, whichever is most.If the market does not move high enough to trigger your stop price, you will not get into the trade.Now my question is that 3 tabs that are on the bottom right side of the MACD chart I am using ninja trader.Simple Trading Strategies That Work and over one million other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

Also keep in mind profits are not reinvested during the tests performed above.

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Underneath the vdo is a link to an article that describes my twelve month experience with them.Bottom line - I really appreciate that you brought up the idea to use Bollie as continuation signal.We know that not all traders are alike and we use our webinars to introduce ideas and methods that might help traders that are struggling, or just looking for new trading ideas to incorporate into their trading plan.Simple Trading Strategies That Work by Stefan Hollos, 9781887187077, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

There are many day trading strategies that are available and a quick search on various forex forums or other websites will reveal day trading strategies.Are you able to make split second decisions when there is an opportunity in the market.Enter your e-mail address here to receive an alert for a new post or video.This simple trading strategy also works in smaller timeframes and.To confirm strong trends in a market, I look for the following conditions.In addition to an ADR stop loss and profit target, I want to get out of a trade when the market is no longer trending.Cover your position when price closes below a 5-day SMA at open of next bar.

Place the same bollinger bands in a 10min bar chart and a range bar chart.

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The most basic idea of tech analysis, a trend line already fails to make sense.To calculate ADR on your own, find the average range (difference between session high and session low) over the last 7 days (total range for 7 days divided by 7).It is also not so easy to develop own forex trading strategy as good trading systems are.Range Bars are a great way to incorporate volatility into your bars as a day trader.Learn stock trading strategies that work for swing traders and position traders.

If the instrument closes up for four or more days in a row, sell short at close.This strategy is a trend following strategy that identifies entries in trending markets.

A downtrend is present if MACD is below its signal line AND below the zero line.So that you can increase the probability that it is trend continuation situation versus trend reversal situation.But if you know the general direction, you can use a shorter time frame to time your entry.