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Gas is usually priced on a dry basis.EEIAEFPExchange of futures for physical: refers to the exchangeElliott Wavethree- wave trend, the extent and scope of which areEuropean Optionexpiry.Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.This course is designed to help hedgers, purchasers, managers and risk management support personnel in the energy and energy consuming industries gain a.A hedge is an investment position intended to offset potential losses or. they have since expanded to include futures contracts for hedging the values of energy,.Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.Market conditions will change, bringing liquidity back Market conditions will change, bringing liquidity back.

There are 3.78541liters in a gallon.LLSLight Louisiana Sweet.Alternative Energy Derivative and Hedge Accounting. Agenda. hedging derivative would be recorded in other comprehensive income until the.In the power business, refers to thetransfer of electrons across transmission grids.Wheeling ServiceThe movement of electricity from one system to an-other over transmission facilities of intervening sys-tems.

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Hedgers need to understand the underlying structure of the market and longer-term behavior.Whether you buy forward contracts from a supplier or futures contracts on the exchange, manage fixed or capped price agreements, or seek to avoid margin erosion due.Properly executing an energy risk management strategy can make all the difference in a successful hedge.Well-executed hedging strategies can help manage energy costs in the midst of volatile market conditions.

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System load is usually mea-sured in megawatts (MW).Long PositionWhen a trader buys a commodity, in the hope that itsvalue will go up, he is said to be long.LPGLiquefied petroleum gas, typically ethane, propane,butane and isobutane.

This two-day introductory course examines all of the instruments, tools and techniques available to the energy trader today.Energy deregulation, privatization and competition are a hot international topic.Successful long term hedging requires logical decision-making.

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LNG, which is predomi-nantly methane, artificially liquefied, is not to be con-fused with NGLs, natural gas liquids, heavier fractionswhich occur naturally as liquids.LoadThe amount of electricity delivered or required atany specific point or points on a system.The heat is routedto a conventional boiler or to a heat recovery steamgenerator for use by a steam turbine in the productionof electricity.Traders typically refer to the NYMEX Light SweetCrude futures contract as the WTI contract.Abbreviates to kW.Kilowatt-Hour (KWh)The basic unit for pricing electric energy, equal to onekilowatt of power supplied continuously for one hour(or the amount of electricity needed to light ten 100-watt light bulbs for one hour).

Generally oneparty agrees to pay a fixed price in return for receivinga floating price from another party.Although some market participants have benefited from declining energy costs in recent months due to falling oil prices, hedging energy risk remains...RFG is specified to contain 2.7% oxygen,and is designed for year-round use in urban areas.So-called oxygenated gasoline is specified with a 2%oxygen content, and is intended for winter use.RhoThe rate of change of the value of an option with re-spect to the risk-free rate of interest.A base load plant typically has relativelyhigh fixed costs and low unit operating costs.In summer, the market trackscooling degree days, which are computed in theopposite manner.DeltaThe rate of change of the value of an option withrespect to changes in the price of the underlyingcommodityDelta HedgingThe process whereby the grantor of an option decidesto buy or sell more or less of an underlying futurescontract in order to protect against being declaredupon by the options holder.

Characterized by quick starttimes and generally high operating costs, but lowcapital costsPeaking CapacityCapacity of generating equipment normally reservedfor operation during the hours of highest daily, weekly,or seasonal loads.Suchan option has no intrinsic value, but has got timevalue, as price changes in the underlying might bringit back into the money.Over the Counter (OTC)Bilateral markets in which contracts for futures, op-tions and swaps are written on a tailor-made basis.PPADDPetroleum Allocation for Defense District.With the fluidity of commodities pricing, many energy companies employ hedging strategies to improve their financial positions.

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Nat-ural gasoline, butane, pentane and other light hydro-carbons can be removed by chilling and pressure orextraction.

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Natural gas converted to aliquid state by pressure and severe cooling, andthen returned to a gaseous state to be used as fuel.Acceptable first reference abbreviation.The mechanism by which this is achieved-from the sale is used to subsidize the swap price.DOEUnited States Department of EnergyDow TheoryTheory of market movement developed by Charles-sive higher peaks and higher troughs in an uptrend,and lower peaks and lower troughs in a downtrend.Dow divides trends into primary, secondary and minor.-ern technical theory.Sign-up today, leverage your professional network, and get hired.They are the levels at which, rather thanbreaking into new ground, prices tend to bog downand become trapped.ConsolidationPrices moving in a broadly sideways range after asharp move in one direction.

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The main propane trading hubalong the United States Gulf Coast.Moving AverageThe mean of prices over a pre-defined period, forinstance, the previous five days.An electricgenerating technology in which electricity is producedfrom otherwise lost waste heat exiting from one ormore gas (combustion) turbines.From small businesses up to large corporations, our satisfied clients include.LPG can alsooccur naturally as a condensate.MMarginsA deposit paid on a futures transaction.

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If the floating pricerises, the buyer of the swap receives a payment fromthe seller of the swap equal to the current marketprice minus the fixed price of the swap.

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BFI protects clients against spikes in the price of fuel with Rand-denominated energy hedging on SAFEX (South.

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It is the standard delivery point for the NYMEXnatural gas futures contract in the US.Historic VolatilityThe change in the absolute value of a commodity orinstrument over a certain period, expressed as a per-centage of the lowest price recorded in that period.IIEAInternational Energy Agency.Also, utilities that form affili-ates and build outside of their territories can be IPPs.KKilowattOne kilowatt equals 1000 watts.Typi-cally the time value of an option declines as it movescloser to expiry.Tolling ArrangementAn arrangement whereby a party moves fuel to apower generator and receives kilowatt hours (kWh) inreturn for a pre-established fee.Tolling FeeA fee paid for use of electric generation assets used toconvert fuel to power.UUnconventional GasNatural gas that cannot be produced using currenttechnologies.

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As you move through the year, we track exactly how your margins are performing relative to expectations.

Sweet gas is gas found in its naturalstate which does not need to be purified to removesulfur-bearing compounds.Spark SpreadThe cost difference of converting natural gas into elec-tricity.

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We track fundamental information on a weekly basis, analyzing changes to supply and demand that could impact your prices down the road.A consulting relationship with Hedge Solutions targets four key areas to insure a successful energy risk management strategy.Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.Carolina Energy Hedging Ltd Co (Carolina Energy Hedging Ltd Co) 2017 stock picks and portfolio.