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In the case of physical delivery, the forward contract specifies to whom to make the delivery.For options on futures, where the premium is not due until unwound, the positions are commonly referred to as a fution, as they act like options, however, they settle like futures.The first practically investable commodity futures index was the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index,. but online exchanges opened some ETC markets to almost anyone.Cleartrade Commodities Futures Brokerage firm,online futures trading brokers,best futures broker,online futures brokerage,futures trading broker.Here, the forward price represents the expected future value of the underlying discounted at the risk free rate —as any deviation from the theoretical price will afford investors a riskless profit opportunity and should be arbitraged away.

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However, a forward is not traded on an exchange and thus does not have the interim partial payments due to marking to market.The maximum exposure is not limited to the amount of the initial margin, however the initial margin requirement is calculated based on the maximum estimated change in contract value within a trading day.

For example, if a trader earns 10% on margin in two months, that would be about 77% annualized.The parties initially agree to buy and sell an asset for a price agreed upon today (the forward price ), with delivery and payment occurring at a future point, the delivery date.Futures and Options trading. or purchase of any securities or commodities.The broker may set the requirement higher, but may not set it lower.Option sellers are generally seen as taking on more risk because they are contractually obligated to take the opposite futures position if the options buyer exercises their right to the futures position specified in the option.

We track many major commodities and financial indicators, making the information.Commodity Bubbles Caused by Speculators Need Intervention, UN Agency Says, Bloomberg, June 5, 2011.To mitigate the risk of default, the product is marked to market on a daily basis where the difference between the initial agreed-upon price and the actual daily futures price is reevaluated daily.

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In addition, the daily futures-settlement failure risk is borne by an exchange, rather than an individual party, further limiting credit risk in futures.This is an exciting time for arbitrage desks, which try to make quick profits during the short period (perhaps 30 minutes) during which the underlying cash price and the futures price sometimes struggle to converge.For example, a futures on a zero coupon bond will have a futures price lower than the forward price.For both, the option strike price is the specified futures price at which the future is traded if the option is exercised.

Thus, the futures price in fact varies within arbitrage boundaries around the theoretical price.However, the exchanges require a minimum amount that varies depending on the contract and the trader.

Margin-equity ratio is a term used by speculators, representing the amount of their trading capital that is being held as margin at any particular time.

Online Agricultural Commodities Trading - AvaTrade Inc. is the leading provider of intraday stock and commodities real-time or delayed charts with powerful indicators and technical analysis.To exit the commitment prior to the settlement date, the holder of a futures position can close out its contract obligations by taking the opposite position on another futures contract on the same asset and settlement date.A forward is like a futures in that it specifies the exchange of goods for a specified price at a specified future date.To minimize counterparty risk to traders, trades executed on regulated futures exchanges are guaranteed by a clearing house.

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Best Online Casinos For U.S. Players Play Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat and Much More for Fun or Real Money.Well lets look at first what a commodity futures contract is.Black Commodity Future Online Trading That be a good start cheers Mr please you be honest enough to tell Nairalanders how you traded on demo before trading live.Commodity News at Economic Times, Commodity Market Data - Latest Gold rate in India, gold price in rupees, news on Commodity Market, Silver price charts, Commodity.Settlement is the act of consummating the contract, and can be done in one of two ways, as specified per type of futures contract.This relationship may be modified for storage costs, dividends, dividend yields, and convenience yields.

Infinity Futures, online futures trading, online forex trading, commodity trading, commodities, CBOT, CME and Eurex Markets.Customer margin Within the futures industry, financial guarantees required of both buyers and sellers of futures contracts and sellers of options contracts to ensure fulfillment of contract obligations.The first two characters identify the contract type, the third character identifies the month and the last two characters identify the year.SJB Futures is the number one choice for Iowa commodity futures brokers and online trading platforms.

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Note that, due to the path dependence of funding, a futures contract is not, strictly speaking, a European-style derivative: the total gain or loss of the trade depends not only on the value of the underlying asset at expiry, but also on the path of prices on the way.

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Managed commodity accounts, Free daily commodity charts and seasonal cycles.If the margin account goes below a certain value set by the Exchange, then a margin call is made and the account owner must replenish the margin account.

Futures magazine has been the primary publication for retail and institution traders of commodity and financial futures,.Margin in commodities is not a payment of equity or down payment on the commodity itself, but rather it is a security deposit.Clearing margins are distinct from customer margins that individual buyers and sellers of futures and options contracts are required to deposit with brokers.It is also the same if the underlying asset is uncorrelated with interest rates.